November 20, 2011

Good MORNING! 2Session Day PART II!

Nothing so inspiring as Mommy
writing baby's name on the sand!

So, waking up and I'd say a bit earlier than expected... Preparing to head out for breakfast at BocaBay with one of my closest girlfriends and while getting ready, I am thinking... You guessed it: Photography!
A "How can I make it better than yesterday?" roams in my head and while I continue my morning routine, I already mapped uot my shoot this afternoon...
Some people may call it obsession, I prefer to call it: Motivation.
I got done Editing a Pile of Amazing Photographs for the first session... Made a {PREVIEW-TEASER} and the greatest feeling is to have everyone either comment, like it or just clicking to see what I have done and best of all, my client's text expressing her excitement to see more, more of it!
Just a quick-blog this morning....
I cannot hardly wait to sit and do some more editing, Jodi @ MCP had some amazing PreSets I downloaded to my LightRoom 3.5 and I really cannot wait to see how they will enhance what has been captured by my lens!
So, for now.. Brunch and later.... I will keep you all posted...

Thank you for following my blog... continue to enjoy!

Humbled a whole lot by my experiences....

~A. Miller!