November 22, 2011

It was a great & busy day in deed.

Balancing and prioritizing
- My family is EVERYTHING!-

Stumbled upon a thought that involved the Work-life balance and personally its concept is indeed a big-deal, otherwise it wouldn’t have crossed my mind during my day!

I start my days early and finish them late, my day is filled with rewarding situations every minute and I feel our life at home is full-filling… Far from perfect, but full-filling and I think that the beauty of determining a 'work-life' balance is that there is no simple formula that applies to US all, and therefore each of us can arrive at our own solution.

However to do so, we must understand the importance and essentials of this concept… So, while writing about work-life balance in my photography blog, I wanted to share that in order to clear the path of one's professional life, it also becomes vital to deal with one's personal life in a similar manner. A clear view of managing this also becomes necessary and when prioritized, this aspect becomes the need of the hour – and more for women than for men (that’s clear enough).

I feel as if society demands perfection from women both professionally and personally. With this in mind, I think it is important to plan the household work and also maintain the work-life balance. I, could not do what I do with my business and my many endeavors if it was not for the support of my husband and family and friends and this is just on the personal side… Professionally, I ultimately find my support to come from the on-going training and workshops to bring what I see via lens to the amazing individuals that believe in my work… From the emails and comments I received from those who follow my work…

All the above thoughts are in a way ‘Thank you’s” to everyone who has in one way or the other accompanied me this far… The journey continues… I am really excited about the opportunities offered for upcoming projects!
My work-balance concept will be working fulltime!

Hoping the day was as revealing and special as mine…


~Allie M.