November 24, 2011

Thankful to love the way I do!

The grandiose care and love of a mother!
It has been an amazing and reflective day for me, not only because one special day of the 365 days of the year we make time to recognize our thankfulness and gratitude to the world around us.

My journey has been dedicated to seek the happiness and the peacefulness and the last few years have been really enhancing and many lessons were learned and for that I am thankful. I have found the peace and happiness!

I am humbled (always) by every experience, each one of the conversations, all the lesson, all the sights I witness everyday.... No day is wasted... For example, just last night I started watching the tutorials offered by ADORAMA and as much as I love natural lighting for my photography, I want to be proficient with the use of flash in studio-like situations and I am glad to take that step, and again one more door that will open... I am sure of that!

As I sat in my friend's kitchen, I cannot imagine not being right here and right now at this moment and the reason why all that I experienced has brought me.. HERE! My friend has a great heart and I have learned so  much from her and I am really lucky to have her be in my team! For that, and my many other angels, I am grateful! I have the greatest gratitude because I have a great husband, who will be at work and away from home, but I did have a chance to see him and just speak to him a while... I am so lucky to have him in my life!

On a final note, I love the work I do for others and weird is that I cannot leave my house or have a moment away from my camera, as you can see (above) I captured a tender moment between my friend's child and her.... The love and the smile! I do not need reasons to press the shutter button... I just need to be there!

I will however, dedicate 2 hours of my day to my other 'passion' per say.. (Pmedic)... Just wanted to take a minute to reflect on this day...  

Glad you came by reader... and thank you for following....


~Allie M.