November 19, 2011

While Being Early Saturday....

Nothing beats the gift of being a mommy!

So, waking up with thoughts of randomness... Because I am thinking of my next photo shoot... and this one a special one... will be done in two sessions... So, PART I is on today... We have a temperature of 57 degrees and this shoot is to be done at the beach and more challenging yet, a maternity shoot... The sun is out, I believe my client won't freeze and the lighting is perfect, the fotos will be magnificent!

With coffee at hand and great NPR sounds in the back, I have been reading all my other blogs and doing more research and if you click on my FB page, you will see exactly what I am talking about... so, click away: and send a request and enjoy....

I hope everyone has an amazing day and thank you for coming by to read my day blog!


~A Miller