December 20, 2011

Allie & The Machine? {Photoshop & I}

I {LOVED} This I.D.E.A!

Was a mere 2 minute thought placed in action... Took a picture first against the back of my note pad{courtesy of B&N} and along followed a simple upload and then.. Voila! On my publishing program... so, it was just me and CS3.. {SIMPLY CS3} - And so this was my Before&After... For my {AMF}2012 Marketing Campaign...

I have loved Desktop publishing for some {No Idea} odd years.. & I am so glad I always have something new to develop... and so, my imagination rambles... and I want to process any kind of project that comes my way..

I enjoy THE process of my PHOTOGRAPHY that has opened doors widely for me lately, I was not sure how this amazing interaction between my emotions and my love for my passion has become my FULL TIME work...

Hope you enjoy this little {sight} into my day... Tomorrow I am to meet a group of cousins who are getting together to surprise Grandparents with a Picture created by me and my NIKON camera! So it is exciting...

Also, I will be meeting with an amazing 17 year old.. Who I am doing portraits for {gift from MOM} and also, will be photographing a group of siblings... Daddy, wants them all in ONE frame... :)

How pleased I am to be able to create all these memories for ALL of them... So, it is bed for me... The morning light will be here before we know it!

Continue to follow... Satisfy your curiosity and whatever you do.. Follow your heart for what you love, believe in yourself and keep smiling!

~A. Miller