December 18, 2011

Meet Jose & Steph...

Jose & Stephanie {LOVE}

This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to have realized a session for Jose and Stephanie.
They are from N.J and incredibly driven. Newly relocated to ILM, NC.. they are enjoying the Coastal Life...And planning their future here!

We had a great time at Hug McRae Park This park offers an amazing setting and natural trails, has a lake with a fountain, perfect place not only for a photo session, but also to enjoy a picnic or a simple walk with your dog.
The groom, nervous... But, easily calmed by his adored bride... This couple was a great treat and the weather, although a mere 50 degree, was great for my NIKON... Cannot hardly wait for their wedding, our lenses will capture that moment... and we are really honored to have been chosen to do it!

~A. Miller