December 2, 2011

A Quick ONE!

And Of-course, I am behind the lens..
But this is MY FAMILY!

Before I start running around town.. I appreciate the reads I pick up on a daily basis... These are about... loving what you do, being glad you are doing it, patience... and most of all... Why it is so IMPORTANT to capture every moment.. because you may not get to do it twice!
Many days we can wake up by what I call... on the wrong side of the coffin, yes! And life can take you by the hand and force you to explore beyond your boundaries and your comfort zone...
It has happened about twice this week... unexpected things happen.. but it all has lead to the point in which I have been able to spend time with my adored husband...and that is priceless!
This weekend will bring lots of joy as I will complete a three series in one sessions... And these are powerful.
I am almost finished with the "special" requests for Christmas and I cannot help to dedicate hours and hours on them, because I feel as if it is my loved one receiving these little moments... How do I feel??? Really blessed!

Here is a link...  MCP has a Blog and I have borrowed this special one... it touched my heart.. I did write about this same thing a few blogs back.. so ck it out "Get in Photos With you Family"

Well.. like I said a quick one...


Make the day count!!!

A. Miller