January 6, 2012

First week 2012... WOW!

First week of 2012... and this is my count for the week.

It has been colder than usual where I reside, however not a soul has turned into a Popsicle... So, it has been a great week.

Now, YES! Allie has gotten picked for MCPActions' Project 12 (Thank you Jodi Friedman!) and this is a great project, and by being involved with the MCPActions TEAM means so much.. Not only because We will be interacting with others via the project, but also it will allow great opportunities to enhance photographic knowledge for everyone...

We had our first session for the year and please meet Jacob!

Jacob, is an amazing 12 year old... And he is working towards his Skating skills as well as his Modeling/Acting and his mother wanted to get his passion and goals all in a few shots to present for all the available opportunities that are coming his way!

This young boy, does love to be in front of the lenses and isn't hesitant to smile or do what is needed for the perfect shot! Good luck to Jacob and we cannot wait to see the final product in print!

We also have announced our Yearly ROUND Minis Sessions and these are quickies that will allow anytime, any place pictures... our details found at www.amillerfoto.com

Our Valentine's specials... coming this month and will end the first week of February... In order to deliver all that is needed for that special package and surprise for a beloved!

Our Monthly contest has launched and submissions have been received... January 31st we will be drawing off our entries,,, I cannot wait to see who takes it! Our THEME - Candid Pictures of YOUR pets... Too sweet!

So.. as you can see... we have been busy! I wanted to wish all photographers who are going to IMAGING USA a great time while learning and exploring what the market has in store for us... I wonder if NIKON will have a view to the new D4... { A girl is drooling here...} Please ck the review by Jared Polin from FroKnowsPhoto.com  - WOW! That was quite a review!

I am ready to start my journey with MCPActions and Project 12... please follow us.. and participate!

Have a great week!!!