January 29, 2012

My weekly Blog x {2}

Wow. It has been approximately ... 2 weeks since our last entry...

We have been overly busy... Between our preparing for V'day sessions that have been fully booked as well as few boudoir sessions that have been scheduled interim. And {if you follow FaceBook or know me personally} I was also preparing for the annual agility test for the county's fire dept. I volunteer for on my time off, needless to say it has been quite a whirlwind of events and it has been happily overwhelming!

Your Photographer {Allie} Chopping IT!

I am really excited that MCP Actions Project12 has been a success and I am still so glad to be one of the mediators {Please click here, so that you can see our introductions}...

Glad to say that although busy, I have had the time to spend with my husband and family and true friends.{A blessing in itself} and I have learned a few more lessons about some {things} as well..

Lessons are learned everyday.... Never take a day for granted!


Exciting Announcement!!!
At the end of February beginning of March we will have the opportunity to launch our dedicated photography line to Boudoir and Wedding for clients who have inquired about our services.

We will continue top serve our clients under our portrait photography side; however, these two specialized services will have their preferred accommodations to offer the right experience to newly engaged brides and those amazing women who want a special private session whether be for personal use or to dedicate them as a gift to that special one {Boudoir}

Our workshops with Zach & Jody over the weekend and also, our upcoming workshop with Christa Meola have and will add more fascinating extras to the services that we will providing...

In a nutshell, this is our attempt to condense in a few lines what we have not written on our blog the past two weeks.

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Our winner for our January contest will be chosen on January 31st, the announcement will be made on Feb 1st.

Let's gear up for Valentine's day {Feb 14th} and let love dictate our tone for the upcoming tone...

Be blessed and stay focused.. Believe in your dreams and follow them!

~Allie M.