January 16, 2012

One more week {2012}... Wowed!

Trying to keep up with my resolutions
to be in front of the lens more often!

Okay... I know I may sound a bit overjoyed by all the goodness coming our way.... But.... YESSSSSSS!!!!! Cannot help but to feel happy and comfortably overwhelmed...

Attendees having a ricking time getting fit
& Defying gravity!

This week... We have had opportunities coming our way.  From using our skills to document the amazing work by Aerial Performers at Urban Fitness {Workshop Series} to serve as fellow Photographer for SLAVE {a NORAK Production} at the Wilmington Community Arts Center in Downtown Wilmington ( Want to thank Karon Richardson-Tunis for this incredible oppt.)

Norak Dance Company...
Thank you Karon!!!!

At the same time we welcome Bria to our Photographic Projects, Oh! Almost forgot... We have booked yet another wedding for this year.  We met with our bride on Saturday and plans are already in gear for great portraits, engagement session and Wedding/Reception photography and I could not ask for better clients... They are magnificent... and simply delightful!Another side to our line of services to new clients has been added, it is directed to businesses in the area involving commercial photography ... You will see as details develop...

Thank you Max @ OKAMI

In a nutshell.. This week will be great and the sessions will continue to booked as I will open more sessions for V'day... and on Jan 31st, we will pick a winner of our monthly contest! We have two Boudoir sessions booked and I cannot wait to see the final result... It is so flattering when a client trust you to do these types of shoots... I am really happy about it!


Thank you for all your support... Means the world.. We would not be here without it...