August 16, 2012

Copyrighting... It truly matters!


So, in this time and age... Everyone says: BLOG, BLOG, BLOG....

So took a long look at our blogger, and we realized that we have not had a single entry since March...

And YES, lots of things have happened and some even more exciting plans are in the works...But , we won't sit here and bore you with all the stuff that we have our hands on... If curiosity killed the cat... Let the cat be killed and pays us a visit to our website or follow us on facebook...and although we do not post all our work on our social media, there is always Pinterest and Twitter and of course this incredible BLOG... All works greatly, so go ahead and connect!

Now, on to a good blogging here and while we were reading some of the incredible sites we follow, like they had a truly interesting article about copyrighting, and if you are here is because you are interested in photography, our work and perhaps you love what photography does for everyone... {maybe another photography enthusiast!}or have thought of starting a photo biz, you may want to read this....

The article speaks and points out how important is to have your logo on your photographs that YOU take, they are YOUR work and how proud YOU should be that the image carries the logo YOU have created and represents YOU work and business.

The blogger denotes that some clients are not as educated in the matters of copyrighting, this is a reason why we at our photo-studio provide PPA approved materials to our clients, educating them on the subject and it is truly important that we do that.  Not only it is important, because you spend your creativity or your time and sometimes the funds to have a designer help you with your logo needs... But, also is prime to understand, that many of these images are going on social media such as Facebook, most clients love to show off their images, and tag others and this is the way they connect and this presents a great opportunity to have people reached via social media see your logo and reach to your business and your work!.

So, if anyone asked us, why is copyrighting important? We would have to embark in a journey to why and how this is affecting photography businesses, and we would need our own workshop, but for now... We will just blog about it.

Some photographers feel so discouraged and do not want to share their images as previews anymore, and this is saddening because, when you photograph... your work placed on a capture and it is meant to be shown off...That is why you work so hard in getting the images so righteously! Right?

Just educate your client...  Easy! And do charge for a sitting fee, because your work is worth that fee and so is everything that relates your work, the art, the time, the skill, the education, the equipment and so on! You cannot do all for free... All the time.

We have noticed many newcomers in the business who have endured so much and they are still learning, we think everyone has an equal chance at a business and it is a great sense of worth to be able to share your craft with the world, but the value of work should never be cheapened, because as we mentioned before...and if your photography is honest to God great, then you are worth that price... and a plus is that you keep the craft of photography an art worth its weight in gold!

There are "How to Price" workshops, and lots of reading materials that will steer you in the right direction to great and fair pricing... But, for now let's continue our blog with our copyrighting matters and we suggest you give these folks a quick read on their blog..{CLICK HERE FOR BLOG}

Hope you enjoyed this blog... And let us know how you feel about it, you may share our blog wherever you love to.. Just remember to respect the hard work... we are all working together to accomplish similar goals!!!

Love and peace..

Allie and Phil
AMillerfoto - Photography