November 30, 2012

Be diverse and increase your options!

Be diverse and increase your options!

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Be diverse and increase your options!

By Allie Miller {AMillerFoto –Photography}

So, many times I am approached if I shoot a certain kind of photography and to my client's surprise, I am not what you consider a specialty photographer.

I have had a relationship with the lens since I fell in love with my photography class in my early day in high school twenty-six years ago.

I started with the projects given by my instructor while in my Senior year and randomly took my 35mm film- PENTAX out to many different spots where I grew up, Miami. While started with landscapes and random captures of structures and similar elements, was not until in 2008 that I turned digital and started to transcend into portraiture, becoming more “adventurous” with my Nikon.

Although, I do not consider myself to be a “professional” – a term that is loosely used by many, I have always abide by the technical aspects when I approach a shoot. Since launching my business in the Port City merely eighteen months ago and by being diverse, I have increased my options that not only benefited my business, but also my growth as a photographer.

With over 170 thousand residents in the New Hanover Area,{North Carolina} being diverse has allowed my creativity benefit my business, not only in profitability but in the manner photographic services are being handled by my studio. One thing I have learned throughout the years is that education is the key, and that just not by grabbing and shooting with a great camera makes you a “photographer

Our area is loaded with unbelievable resources that are not limited to its environmental beauty, but also its wealth of knowledge by incredible photographers that have been in the field for over 30 years and who are willing to help others learn and preserve photography aspects that makes it a real delight to share images captured the way they were intended. This process offers many photo enthusiast discover that they have an affinity for something they become really good at.

Education, diversity and style have allowed AMillerFoto Photography to substantially fulfill the needs of the great clients that seek my photo services. My approach to style has developed into documenting what happens every day in what people experience. Even, as it seems that portraiture needs to be somewhat choreographed, my sessions conduce to that mix of the perfect image combined with the elements of lifestyle as they happen in the moment by applying widely learned concepts which lead the direction of my shoots, while keeping a general context of the environment when I am holding my camera .

My primary goal not only as an artist and photographer, but as an individual who is passionate about what the capture is creating and not to compete to what others may or may not be doing in the business. 

There is still so much room for growth and although I have a 20 years of healthcare experience and some incredible degrees hanging in my home office, I think that I could have never made a better choice in career change that to have become a photographer and to have continued my early passion and to follow the link between motion, emotion and the elements of light in order to fill the gap in the needs of the market, nowadays. 

Bottom line: “education, passion and diversity’ are the key!