December 14, 2012

The AMAZING power of Knowledge!

The AMAZING Power of Knowledge and the RESOURCES behind IT!

I always blog about relevant information and stuff that actually {in my opinion} can make an impact to anyone... Even if they are just following or they are looking for a read that will enhance their day! Sometimes, I do feature some of my favorite people who are amazing in sharing their skills and want others to improve in every way possible!

Well, Ed Verosky is one of my favorites and he is a a professional photographer based in New York City. he loves to share his knowledge and experience with aspiring photographers.

I have been following him a while and YES! I do bother him from time to time, there has not been a time he is not responded or answered a question I may have... I admire him incredibly and YES, I do own many of his E-books {And YES, they have helped me realize many of the images that you all have seen and loved!}

So, Mr. Ed... has
a free goodie for you from Michael Zelbel of  

With an offer in which the next issue of Good Light Magazine is for free to Ed Verosky subscribers {Click here to subscribe}. 

It's an app that can be downloaded onto your iPad. {how easier can it get???} 

Follow these steps to claim 3 months of free access, which allows you to download the current issue free of charge. This free subscription does NOT turn into a paid subscription or obligation of any kind.

Please note that in order to download the app, you must do so on your iPad or your computer (not on your smartphone):

  1. Go to iTunes App Store
  2. Install the free magazine's App
  3. Open up the magazine in your iPad Newsstand, & click on 'Subscribe'
  4. Tap on 'Current Subscribers' & type in this current subscriber code:glmag856

The free subscription terminates after 3 months, so if you are fast and you do it right now, then you can download the current and also the next issue of the magazine for free.
I wanted to extend this chance and also the opportunity to get to know him. He has a wealth of information, and his teachings are incredible.

So, whether an aspiring photographer or perhaps, looking for refreshers... Ed is the man! Subscribe to his blog... and be delighted to new opportunities for learning and enlightenment.... Enjoy... I sure do enjoy every e-mail I receive... and I want everyone to enjoy it as well!

Happy Holidays...