March 16, 2013

Should you need a studio, to start or run your photography business?

Should you need a studio in order to 
start or run your photography business?

This blog is dedicated to the many inquiries I have received in my INBOX about the need in having a studio or Home-studio to have your photography business started....

I ask: are you ready to start a photo business. As it involves way more than owning or renting a space for studio... It does involve knowing what you are doing and really knowing business basics 101.

Now, about that studio space.... So, your next question: "Does that mean I have to open up my home to my clients every day?" The answer is: NO or "Do I have to LEASE a space?" - The answer again, is: NO.

When I first started my photography as a business and needed a space to shoot indoors... I created a home-studio and I had only one requirement big windows, a separate room for office space and an extra bathroom... Although on only a few places you may finds such set up in a way meant for your business traffic, I made it work for my business and I want to say no to get discouraged for not having a leased space, after all you are starting your business and you cannot go into it starting off with a huge debt!

Although some would tell you they oppose to a Home-Studio by saying that you have to shuffle through your living room and kitchen to get to your back office. I can tell you, that isn't so.

My business has been lifted off the ground by my clients and referrals from those clients, not once have I have an experience in which I thought I needed to dive into a LEASE in a commercial site. This works for many, my experience has been different because I made it work for my structure in business.

The set up at my place, worked for many reasons. If you do have that ability you may do that Home-studio directive.
Also, there are other photographers in your area that may have no such luck and would choose to LEASE a studio space along with others and that is what makes photography so amazing, working together with others.
You MUST explore your possibilities from every angle. Not everyone would have the ability to have that Home-studio, but like I said... Exploring and working together does wonders.

And even though you may simply use some of your entire entry level as a studio, limiting your actual living space all together, your business derives enough income... Then it is a choice that may have to be done by you.

Now, let's say you do not want that Homes-studio or even share the space with other photographers ... What do you do instead? The questions is: "Can you have a successful studio without bringing people into your home, or opening up a commercial location that will cost a significant amount of money each month?" My answer: Yes.

And another way of doing so is called running a virtual studio.

A virtual studio is one that is run with today's technology; and one that you can take with you .... wherever you go.

and you can run it with a website, a Blog, E-Mail, and a voice message that directs them to your online portfolio. {there are so many resources!}

So, now...If you need to meet people, you can do as much as you can from your phone or from a cool public place, like a local coffee shop or a hip hangout that offers snacks and such.

If you choose for a non-studio - you can still run your business.... and you can choose locations for your portrait sessions that are truly convenient for you, and may offer a world of possibilities. Scout p;aces, prepare your sessions before you shoot!

Also, if you are looking for corporate, events or wedding work, destination is the only way to go - like I said: You are the only catalyst to your business, you can get amazing work in which you can you get paid to travel anywhere in the stares or even the world.

I am a living proof, that you may not need to be in debt, or have that expensive commercial place to run a successful business. It is possible to have what you want if you work hard at it.. and EXPLORE possibilities ..

If this blog has reached to every inquiry you may have about having that STUDIO and how to run a photography business ... You may just have to create a business that sells the benefits of not having a dedicated spot for shooting and a sole meeting location...

The sky is the limit... I hope to hear from everyone again. Inbox us at

Allie Miller