March 18, 2013

Thank you for allowing us to GROW! 2013

Thank you for allowing us to GROW!

This blog is not about just a trip taken to some convention on the West Coast... Wow! Not about that!

In the next following paragraphs, I wanted to share how I spent incredible four days in Las Vegas, Nevada for #WPPI13 with amazing people who photography is not just a passion but a way of life... It is how many of us make a living!

For some of you, who may not know what #WPPI is the premiere industry event for photographer and image makers who specialize in the creative and business aspects of wedding and portrait photography and we all reunite {about 16k people} to bring the best back to our clients and make better improvements to our business and creativity.

This time - my mission for being in Vegas 2013 was to meet the many individuals who have helped me grow and business. I am amazed of the opportunities and how just simple technological driven relationships, have become full circle at this convention, I was not talking to strangers, I was actually talking to friends that have been made through time.

There were a team of people, at first... Years ago we just met by my being a simple student in a global classroom, and all came to a full amazing moment when we met face to face and we hugged, like if we were checking if we were real or not... our eyes filled with tears and we just know that now, it is a friendship and cannot wait to unite again... So much in common and yet, that distance meant nothing - because we never felt  apart! Ahhh... technology!

I cannot wait to 2014, where I will see new faces and creating new relationships as well as motivating and speaking to others who at some point have started where I have... and I want to continue to be that tool and instrument for as long as I can, and open new doors....

Now, back at my new place, working and applying new concepts and developing new directives for advancement for AMillerFoto and everyone who comes in contact with me.... I keep realizing how important these conventions really are!

Now, I attended an amazing convention and I have left richer not only in knowledge, but in love...
Knowing that all the incredible friends I met, they have been MY team for the success I am enjoying.. and for the future that I continue to grow into!

Cannot wait to continue my journey, and keep on striding...

Special thanks to #CreativeLive #PPA #WPPI #Susan Roderick & #Kenna Klosterman #John Cornicello #Mark Wallace #DAISY GRIP {Christine & David}#Jasmine Star #Khara Plicanic #Lindsay Adler #Sue Bryce #Bambi Cantrell #Jerry Ghionis #Sal Cincotta & some many others! Thank you for Everything!

Allie Miller, Owner