July 9, 2013

Protect Your Investment When Hiring a Photographer... Please Read....

Make an Investment YOU Won't Regret!

Knowing the difference, is key!

Alright - Everyone starts somewhere, and everyone is very well aware of that and sometimes, while on my down time I enjoy seeing other's photography work and check out websites to appreciate other's craft... But, I just do not see how some individuals can go for CHEAPER or BARGAINED photographers... and still be happy with their pictures?

Today, we came across some work on Social Media Website and although, this ONE capture could have been a gorgeous photograph, somehow that little touch of flash would have fantastically made that engagement shot EPIC and truly memorable for the couple. But, technicality was not used and that picture looks a waste, so sad for the couple...

I understand not everyone can afford the prices and packages, that some professional photographers and studios offer, but I think that the potential client should just speak up and ask, who knows you may get THAT one memorable shot that will be worth your every penny captured by a professional, someone who is doing this for a living and survives by developing great business and photography ethics.

Even, if someone does not know how to use their manual settings or even knowing their A,S,ISOs, if they are learning... JUST Be honest and tell people that you are learning and that you would be honored to try your concepts on them.  Everyone has started somewhere, no doubts... Everyone deserves a chance of doing this.... Why not?

I feel that many individuals needing photography services work hard for their money and when they want quality products they do not mind making that investment - cheaper is not always better and it is important to know that every dollar you have earned, you are investing in quality captures...Looking at the prices on that 'photographer's' website, made me just drop my mouth to the floor and the fact some people are happy with the pictures is even more terrifying... They could be like a dollar per session, still it look like they are stealing that hard earned dollar from the 'client' because what they are delivering isn't good. and a clear example is a Wedding for fifty-something dollars in the price menu? I just wonder how happy that money that was spent made the bride and groom feel as they have probably spent a good amount of money on other items such as vendors, etc for their ONE special day! 

A little accountability and respect for those out here that are busting their chops making a living full-time and have spent countless hours and funds making it right for their clients and their business... I think that is all we ask...

MY Final words – Aside from the little accountability rant, keep in mind that when hiring a professional photographer just make sure you like them as a person/people, their STYLE fits you and that your first impressions is the best. 

So, If you are a fit {like peas in a pod} you will likely click with them during your day and it will reflect in the outcome of your photos. This, I can guarantee!

Also, make sure they have good gear and backups to handle your wedding and most lighting situations.  (Plus, make sure they actually know how to use it!) 

If you’re not having an outdoor session with a nice cloud cover and a brightly lit reception, you might run into issues. 

Saying that also, make sure you like their past work and this perhaps will be the best predictor of the outcome.

So, even if their price might be right, but their style might be wrong.  Cheaper is NOT  always better.  Sometimes cheaper is just CHEAP and the product will be shown and discussed for times to come among friends and family….True story!

Allie Miller
AMillerFoto | Photography