September 26, 2013

Lynn & Lisa | Destination Wedding in Mammoth Creek Panguitch, UT 09.21.2013

Lynn & Lisa… 09.21.2013 | Mammoth Creek, UT

I believe in love.

I believe in love as one of the strongest forces… No time, No distance, No obstacles can come between the love of two people, who adore and care for one another…

The reason of travel for family members simply involves more than a mere couple of hours - try 10+ just to be there, at that one place that holds the significance in itself, where so much has been shared and experienced… A simple site which for many may be only a camping ground… To our sweet couple it signified their ‘time’ together, away from it ALL -

A simple ceremony, involved plenty of planning… And much surprising to be revealed to the groom and it was successful all around!

For me as a photographer, a destination wedding entails more than meeting a bride and closing a deal, a lot rides in my ability to create that amazing relationship with the sweet trust given, the details and such… There are other responsibilities other than delivering their captures…

Just to be there a day prior as well as making sure all my gear works and it is not lost during transport, my destination work involves long hours at airports, sitting in the most odd spots somewhere to find good outlets to connect and work, eat, sleep to be ready for their day… Driving, scouting, be that person with the one pin that may hold a dress together, who knows? All you know, is that YOU have to be ready for anything!!! And this is the aspect of my travel that I love so much.

Finally.. After a day of happiness… We obtained all the images that were envisioned and I have met some incredible new friends, who I cannot wait to see soon! My client, my bride and now, well… I cannot wait to hear more about her great time in the mountains with the love of her life!

Proofs have already been delivered.. And now we wait… :)
At their own time and pace, when they are ready!

Congratulations to such amazing pair… We shall see you really soon!!

I am the lucky one, I have the best clients!

allie miller