September 16, 2013

My Personal Approach To A Maternity Session

Maternity Glam | Beach Session

My Approach To My Maternity Session…

I believe, that having a sweet being growing inside is the most incredible miracle of all!

I know first hand, although I have no children… What pregnancy can make you feel like… {I had gotten pregnant and lost the baby} and as I am revealing a very personal side of my on going journey, the page has been turned and now, I help others in the state of expectancy feel gorgeous.  I know that when I was expecting, I never felt great about the way I looked…

I strive to make my maternity clients beautiful, because I know that it makes a huge difference….Today’s session represents exactly what pregnancy should look and feel like - BEAUTIFUL and still have that sexy feeling ALIVE in you!! - 

Being pregnant should not make you feel less gorge, instead it should empower you to see that you are still beautiful and radiant…  

My reasons for shooting maternity “MY WAY” relies in none of of the conventional hold your belly, blown up, uncomfortable look, in all the opposite…I will glam you up - Your hair and make up will be done as well as the style coordination in clothes and look. - My website has some great ideas under the contact tab.

I want to thank my adored friend & client Alleigh Bradshaw for demonstrating just that! She looks stunning and happy - This is what want my clients to experience when they book their maternity session with me.

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 allie miller | Photographer