January 4, 2014

Color Casting On Images - Important Educational BIT!

Photo credit courtesy from © Peter West Carey

Today's BLOG - is about COLOR CASTING - Why? You will see...

Let's begin by the definition of Color casting - Color Cast is a tint of a particular color, usually unwanted, which affects the whole of a photographic image evenly.

I am fortunate enough to be trusted to review portfolios and work by others, and endless times I have ran across images that have this issue.

Many of the technical aspects and techniques that allow photographers grow with their skill is education, their knowledge of managing their White Balance settings assertively and knowing when and how to avoid these color castings from appearing.

Clients, they may not notice - However, a trained eye will.

When you offer 'professional' services and in fact you are charging for these services, you must keep in mind that striving for a professional outcome in your images, re-enforces not only the factor of running a professional business, but also the matter of delivering images that are in fact handled with extreme knowledge and skill.

That being said, it is a good practice to pay close attention to these details, it will set you apart from the rest, not mentioning your images will take off with grand speed.

Examples of color casting may be: white wedding dresses - has a hue or hint of blue... Reds that reflect in some skin as well as green on light {white shirts} clothing... etc

So, the reason for my blog today is that only to raise awareness, so that gorgeous, professional images are delivered with exquisite quality. Oh, and do not worry... I have in the past been a victim of this color casting, but you learn - and move ON So, Do not fret- Time, skill and practice will allow YOU to avoid that pesky detail from happening! Learning is endless....

Hope this invites some to entertain the thought of learning how to use their White Balance accordingly and carefully use some great techniques during post processing... :)

Someday you will say: Hey - I am glad I learned more about this!

Hoping this helps a few...

allie miller
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